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Google killed Gmap4! :O

Google recently changed its API usage policy, effectively putting the non-profit Gmap4™ out of business. That’s unfortunate, as Gmap4 was designed to benefit disaster-management organizations and was doing a great deal of good in that realm. Since GridScout Map™ used Gmap4 for its aerial views, that feature currently won’t work. While this does not affect GridScout’s primary goal of searching Google Maps and performing bulk collection of MGRS location data, it does make it harder to verify the relevance of unfamiliar search results. The maker of Gmap4 has made appeals to Google in hopes of coming to an agreement, but Google refused. In order to continue using the Google Maps API in his volunteer efforts, he’d have to shell out $46,000 per year. So Gmap4 is now gone. Bummer.

I am now considering alternatives to Gmap4, so that I can restore GridScout’s aerial-view feature.

Update: I replaced the aerial viewer.

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