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I finished my bike!

It took me eleven months, but I finally got last year’s Independence Day project done.

I love my new bike! I built this Pass Hunter as a 1x11 flat-bar road bike with a tall stem, 35mm slicks, leather saddle, and a Magura front brake. In lieu of a rear brake, I routed my fully housed dérailleur cable through the downtube. I crammed the controls onto a narrow 500mm bar delimited by PDW cork handles. The randonneur rack from Vélo Orange works nicely for hauling French-toast leftovers home from breakfast at the bakery, once I acquired a long enough crown bolt for the enormous crown of the Pass Hunter 2’s fork. The one part that I kept from my old French-made Motobécane is the bottle cage, because that’s the one part that had nothing wrong with it. The chainring is oval, a first for me. The bike is fast, comfy, and fun. It fits me well. I’ve got 30 miles on it so far.

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