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Printables! - Your Source for 3d-printable Models

For a few years now, Printables is by far the best place online for getting and sharing 3d-printable models. And it’s gotten even better lately with the addition of two new features:


There’s are contests running all the time: a big one each month, plus a smaller one every week or two. Each of these contests has its own theme, and it’s fun to join in on the party. I’ve put forth 19 contest entries so far. I have yet to win one. My floating shelf was one-upped by a peeing dachsund, in fact. So many people sharing such brilliant designs, it’s fantastic!

I didn’t enter the dollhouse-furniture contest myself, but I did use it as an opportunity to print other people’s awesome stuff for one of my daughter’s dolls. I found this cool modern chair and a vanity.

Each time I enter any of these contests, all of my designs, even those not in the contests, receive more attention. So if you have any designs that you’d like to see getting more seen and used, then maybe try entering a contest.


One way to get physical rewards is by winning a contest, which could quickly earn you a brand new 3D printer or some such reward. But simply by sharing on the site, such as by posting models and posting photos of your makes of others’ models, you can earn credit for several meters at a time of Prusa filament. I’ve earned 649 meters of filament this year, which is nearly two full one-kilogram spools. It hasn’t made me rich, but I do love how Mr Prusa shows his appreciation for my many small contributions to this site.

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